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Why is the RightWing Crazy?

The first thing to discuss is IS THE RIGHTWING CRAZY? Well, definitions of crazy abound. Now please note, that with some few exceptions (the Klan, the Posse, and a few others) we are not talking about clinical insanity. We are using crazy in the vernacular meaning way out of bounds. Definition 2c, d and e apply:
1. Affected with madness; insane.
2. Informal Departing from proportion or moderation
b. Immoderately fond; infatuated
c. Intensely involved or preoccupied
d. Foolish or impractical; senseless
e. Immoderate aversion, hatred for little reason (my addition)

A few examples are in order.

c.Intensely involved/preoccupied
Gun nuts who are convinced that Obama and Democrats are attempting to take away their guns. Patently foolish. Most Democrats (myself included) are approving of some form of gun control. Most of it is common sense and no one that I know of wants to take away anyone’s guns. The gun control advocates have plenty of sites, and I couldn’t list them. Anyone who fits the description above, would accuse me of hiding the “real” agenda, anyway … Find your own references.

d. Foolish or impractical
Over the top protestations of the Leftwingedness of others.
Ultra-Liberal Susan Collins, Liberal Lisa Murkowski, and Socialist Harry Reid. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are not liberal in any sane sense of the word. You might not think them conservative enough, but these people are never going to get elected in Massachusetts. Harry Reid is many things. Socialist ain’t one of them.

e. Immoderate aversion, hatred for reasons seemingly over the top
Matt Staver says gay rights will cause the end of western civilization.    “Things ranging from Illegal and unfettered immigration to more simple issues like people actually willing to wait in a line for an hour to buy a cupcake in Georgetown all point to disaster for the United States of America” … really? New York Gay Marriage causes waits in Georgetown leading to the fall of Western Civilization.

Ok, the point is, the right (and it IS primarily the right) freaks out about things and decided it is the end of the world … literally.  DADT? There are about 30 militaries now that don’t care about your sexual orientation. The world has not come to an end. Gay Marriage? 8 states in the US issue licenses for gays to marry. I’ve heard of No one getting a divorce because David and Bob in DC got married over the weekend. There are at least 9 countries that now allow Gay Marriage … including Canada. Yup, can’t trust those Canadians at all …

So why do the Righties do it?  A major part of the reason is noise overload.  When the airwaves are littered with spouting heads like Rush and Savage, you gotta be loud, obnoxious, and over the top to get heard.  Calm dispassionate discourse goes over like cucumber sandwiches at a Texas Bar-B-Que.

Part of it is the outlandish belief system that has evolved. 25 years of demonization by the RightWing of anyone not accepted by them as “mainstream”, has delivered a generation that has no notion of decency towards the opposition. Bachmann calls on congress to investigate unamerican congressmen,  Rick Perry calls out treason, Jon Huntsman calls out treason, Ron Paul calls out treason. Can you find examples of calling out treason from the Democrats? Yes, but THEY are not running for president.

Is it any wonder, with examples like these, that 1/4 of the population fears and hates 1/3 the population? Joeseph McCarthy was such a small fish

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